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  Chartered in 1936, we're one of the oldest Packs in the United States based in the heart of Ann Arbor, Michigan!  

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Cost and other essentials. If the idea of "Cub Scouting" is new to you, start with our "Basics" page. [link]

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What is Cub Scout "Round-Up"?

We encourage boys to join Pack 5 any time of the year.
Although Cub Scouts work together as a Den, this is also an individualized program that accommodates youth of varying abilities, interests, and pacing. For example, during our 2008 - 2009 schedule, two new Cubs joined our established Wolf Den later in the cycle. By Spring, each was actually further ahead on his rank advancement requirements!
The reason we hold "formal" Round-Ups is to raise visibility among families who may not know the various Packs in our area. Boys in the first through fifth grade are free to choose any Pack they wish, although most tend to select the one that's closest. Others may prefer Packs where their friends go, or based on religious affiliations.
We'd like you to consider all that Pack 5 has to offer. Round-Ups are the time when we make a concerted effort to make our Adult Leaders, parents, and current Cub Scouts available to answer questions, talk about our Calendar, and extend a personal invitation to you all.
Fall Round-Up
Like most Packs, our Calendar begins with the school year in September. Pack 5 then offers events and activities year-round.
Our Fall Round-Ups follow the tradition of my extracurricular activity offerings that kick off in September or October. It makes sense, because boys are joining new class rooms, meeting new friends, and taking next big steps in their lives. Cub Scouting is a perfect fit with that and it's a time when we're heading out for great adventures that shouldn't end just because the summer has!
If you're in the first, second, third, fourth, or fifth grade when Fall Round-Up comes around, you're the perfect age to join Pack 5.
Spring Round-Up
Summer is the perfect time to check out Cub Scouts if you're not already involved.
Best of all, current Kindergarteners who are about to move into the first grade are eligible to join Pack 5 when they "graduate" to first grade in the Spring. The Boy Scouts of America, through the local Huron Trails District and Great Trail Council of which we are a part, offer "Cub Scout Day Camp" and other summertime activities to give you a head start on the upcoming year of Scouting. Pack 5 is structured to help you fit right into our ongoing stream of fun events (and maybe even get a head start on earning awards for the Fall).
If you're a boy in grades K through fourth, you should take a look at Pack 5 this Spring.
Pack 5 Leaders
For details, roles, and responsibilities our Adult Leaders share in coordinating this activity or event, click on the following link for details (password protected, see Cubmaster or Pack Committee Chair for access). [link]
  Cub Scout Pack 5 is a proud Unit in the Huron Trails District [link] and the Great Sauk Trail Council [link]  

Here's the best way for you to contact Pack 5 Leadership [link]


What is Cub Scouts all about?


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